About Us


  • So, What Are We About?
  • Good Question! Let me answer your question by asking a question...How many times have you set your DVR to record your favorite show only to have the DVR stop recording before you can see what’s happening on the next episode? How about when you watch your favorite program On Demand or on the networks website? Thats what we are about. For those of us who Love TV and all the great stories being told and we can't wait to see whats happening on the next episode. We have you covered.
  • Face it we would all love to sit at home and watch TV all day and never miss our favorite shows, but life gets in the Way. One of the greatest inventions was DVR and On-Demand, however there is one flaw that effects them all. The strict to the minute recording time period. So there you are at home after a busy day at soccer practice, late night meetings or evening grocery shopping and you watch your show about the Super Hero-Housewife-Thats Broke-And Has A Blended Family With Twins....Yeah That show. You get to the end of the show and just as you try to see whats happening on the next episode, BOOM...Your recording has ended. Don't act like this has never happened to you.
  • We are here to take make sure you get to see all the awesomeness that is to come on your favorite show. Thats it in a nutshell. Full marks for hanging around and reading the whole thing. You deserve a Coffee! Go get yourself a Coffee and come back and watch all the coming previews of your Favorite shows! Yay!!